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SRT Italy

SRT Italy


The General Command of the Italian Coast Guard had the need of developing a network of radios remotely controlled by the different maritime stations in order to have a complete coverage of the National coasts, and allowing communications between maritime stations and sea/air vehicles.


Elman has developed the SRT system (remotely controlled radio stations) as an application of the VoIP communication system VIS.
A Network of remotely controlled radio stations was established in order to assure radio coverage, in the VHF band, to the area belonging to the different maritime stations throughout the Italian coasts.
In order to achieve this objective, a series of monitor sites were placed in strategic locations and connected via radio link. Consequently, a network of multi-access VoIP radios was established. This network allows not only the control of radios at distance, but also gives the possibility to update the radio’s software remotely.
This system gives to Italian maritime authorities complete radio coverage throughout the peninsula.

The VHF/FM radio system is based on the transceiver VHF/FM mod. RTV-1124.
The RTV-1124 is a marine band transceiver (146 - 174 MHz) in narrowband FM (25 kHz and 12.5 kHz) that complies to MIL and NAV regulations.
This transceiver was mainly designed to be used remotely, however, it does have a user interface that allows its local control.
The distinctive characteristic of the device is the serial port (RS232 and RS422) where the control signals and, using particular compressing protocols, digitalized audio signals travel. This characteristic makes the RTV-1124 particularly suitable where only a small amount of band is available for the remote management.

srt-02Among the characteristics of the RTV-1124 transceiver there are the following:
  • "SECURE VOICE" function (protocol owned by the Italian Port Authorities).
  • Data Link function, which allows file tranfer using an integrated modem. This function is compatible with a large number of the devices installed on the vessels used by the Italian Port Authorities.
  • The device uses audio compressing protocols that follow the ITU standard and other standard compressing protocols equally performing and that can be freely used.

For each radio station 8 RTV-1124 are used for the following activities:
  • N. 2 RTX maritime radio traffic IMM in a working and back-up configuration;
  • N. 2 RTX dedicated to channel 16 and in a working and back-up configuration;
  • N. 2 RTX dedicated to the DSC on channel 70 in a working and back-up configuration;
  • N. 2 RTX dedicated to the channels exclusevly used by Port Authorities and both in working configuration.

A typical radio station structure in the SRT network:

Schematic of a Main Site in a SRT network:srt-04


The system of remotely controlled radios developed by Elman, has greatly helped the Italian Port Authorities to carry out their duties, minimizing efforts and expenses during the regular control and supervision operations.
Elman is perfectly capable of designing and developing similar systems in order to supply precisely what the customer needs, allowing also a complete integration with existing systems.