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Radio Gateway Module

The Radio Gateway interfaces legacy radio transceivers to the IP network.
Its main function is to make the radio units usable from remote User Terminals.
Thanks to it, a radio transceiver turns into an IP user, and may be contacted by other IP users, such as User Terminals or standard IP phones. This is achieved through a serial connection between the Radio Gateway and the transceiver, which enables exchange of the information required for remote usage.

Main features

  • Half-duplex and Full-duplex voice communications with PTT (Push-to-Talk) management
  • Data transfer from the transceiver to the remote user terminal that controls it
  • Transfer of control messages to set up equipment parameters (channel, power, etc.)
  • SNMP-based monitoring
  • 4-wire bidirectional analog interface (600 ohm balanced, 0 dBm) for connection to the radio equipment
  • AF recording output for connection to an analog recorder
  • RS232 serial port and digital inputs and outputs