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Automatic Identification System

ais-thumbOn January 2005 Elman, following the award of a European tender, has developed and installed 63 AIS base stations (mod. ABT-1103) for the Italian Coast Guard.

The supply needed to develop the National AIS network includes the AIS base station (ABT-1103) together with the servers and the graphic station necessary to represent targets on the electronic cartography.

The installation has been carried out considering the redundancy of the base stations. Consequently, 58 sites were chosen in order to allow full costal coverage.

The servers are able to receive data from the base stations and send it to the local graphic interface in order to be visualized. The graphic interface displays all AIS traces in a user-selected area. 

ELMAN has successively won a tender for the realization of the National server where all the AIS data coming from the 48 remote station is centralized.

With the supply of the servers, the graphical stations ECDIS, the National server and the AIS base stations, all complying with ITU, IEC and IALA guidelines, ELMAN has acknowledged a considerable background on the development of AIS systems.

The National Server

The National server builds a National database and manages the AIS service.

The management module ASM (AIS service management) initializes and configures all AIS remote stations.
The National database is made up of data coming from remote servers and it includes the following functionalities:
  • Filtering of the remote data received
  • Distributing AIS data to external receivers, nationally or internationally, partially or totally.
  • Configuring, monitoring, managing alarms and updating firmware/software of all AIS base stations.
  • Database managing and back-up
  • Analyzing the data stored and displaying it on a table or graphic interface.
  • Interfacing external systems (such as the VTS)

Monitoring Systems

ELMAN has developed scalable software solutions for maritime and river systems: